Wednesday, April 4, 2012

SYFC Reflection 1 (30 March 2012)

Well,this is my chuck glider design.Erm today we had to do a group work and research on chuck gliders designs and stuff. Our group wasn't really cooperative and just when we started to research and compile the stuff together time was up and we werent prepared to give the presentation. Mr Tan came to brief us about the activities he planned for us for the rest of the year.It was so AWESOME as Mr Tan described and explained them,making them sound so exciting. :P (especially the adventure survival courses) and after which,we had flight sim test.I totally screwed the entire thing as I didnt really controlled the plane well,impatient me turned the controller thing too much and the plane kept flying in the wrong direction,making it going in circles which made me annoyed.I think i shoudn't have acted so recklessly and i should practise more on my flight simulator so I won't fail it so badly again.I didn't really understand the GoogleSketchUp part but managed to make a model of my plane.I am so glad to be able to be a part of SYFC as the seniors and teachers are so humorous and understanding :D SYFC FTW~